How to Install a New Door Jamb

A door jamb is an underrated and overlooked part of building any room. It may look unnecessary and undeserving of much attention during building but it is one of the most important components of the interior structure and building. Installing door jambs can mean a lot of things if done properly.

Properly installing door jamb can mean a door that closes all the way properly, and a door that stays in alignment with the jamb and the wall instead of tilting or protruding one way or the other. Not only is a door jamb important for construction, it is important for the functionality of the door and also serves a very important decorative function to match up with the rest of your interior.

If you install a door jamb that matches your interior and the style and color of your molding, it can add to the overall look of the whole room and the overall house interior by tying it all in together. This is why learning how to install door jambs is a very handy and necessary skill for those who enjoy personal building and interior projects in their home.

Things You Will Need to Install Door Jamb
  • Pen or pencil for markings
  • An electric drill machine
  • A saw table
  • A hand held saw
  • A nail gun
  • A hammer
  • Some paint and a paint brush
  • A measuring tape
  • Some wood boards
  • Molding for decoration
  • Nails
  • Putty
  • Filler for the wood
  • Safety gear

Steps on How to Install Door Jamb

Going through the steps given below you can learn how to install a door jamb on your own:

Wood Cutting for Jamb

Step 1 The first step in making your own door jamb is to start by measuring the dimensions of your door frame. For measuring, it’s important to keep in mind to not just measure the length of the door jambs, but also measure the width along the side of the walls for the door jamb. Once you’ve measured the door frame, it’s time to cut the wood for the jambs. Cut your door jamb by preparing with safety goggles and using a saw.

Putting Together the Jamb and Installing it

Step 2 After you’ve cut the wood pieces according to the measurements of the door frame, it’s time to put them together and create a frame that you’ll be installing into the door frame finally. First, use some glue to hold the pieces together as a frame and then use the nails to reinforce them together. Hold up the jamb in alignment with the door frame and use the nail gun to secure it in place.

Door Stoppers

Step 3 The last step is to cut, measure and install in door stoppers to your door jamb. The stoppers will be great for holding the door in place with the door frame.

Helpful Tip

Cut the door jamb from the bottom if your house is old and the floor has become uneven over time.

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