How to Install a Medicine Cabinet

Installing a medicine cabinet can seem like a big hassle if you’re not prepared. Use the guide below to learn exactly what you need, and which steps to follow to install a medicine cabinet on your own.

Tools and Materials Needed for Installing a Medicine Cabinet
  • A sturdy wooden medicine cabinet
  • A stud locator
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws

Step by Step Guide on How to Hang Medicine Cabinet

Using the steps outlined below you easily learn how to install a medicine cabinet on your own.

Figure out where the nailing strip and nail holes are located

Step 1 The very first step in installing a medicine cabinet on your own is to look for where the built in nail support strip and nail holes are located on the inside of the medicine cabinet which you wish to hang. Learning how to hang cabinets on drywall can be tricky which is why you need to know exactly how much spacing there will be between nail holes and how much support it will be getting.

Usually, the medicine cabinets purchased from stores come with a premade nailing strip and nail holes already drilled in so you don’t have to do much work. Simply located these nail holes and the nail support strip and measure the distance between the two holes and the size of the holes themselves so you know which type of nails or screws you will be using, and how much wall space you need to support the medicine cabinet.

Locate the studs in your drywall

Step 2 When learning how to hang cabinets on drywall, it is most important to remember that cabinets can be heavy and drywall is very fragile and fickle for objects that are too heavy for it to support solely with its own density. Find the studs that are already located in your drywall by using a stud locator. After locating the studs, mark that area in the wall by using a pen or pencil for reference so you can come back and reinforce the cabinet to that study area with screws.

Measuring and marking the area of the cabinet on the wall

Step 3 The third step in learning how to install a medicine cabinet is to measure the entirety of all the dimensions of the cabinet you will be installing and then figure out where you want it on the wall. Once you figure out how high you want the cabinet in your room, use the measuring tape to mark out the entire area where you wish for your medicine cabinet to go, taking special care to mark out the top of the cabinet.

Securely installing a medicine cabinet

Step 4 Now it is time to screw your medicine cabinet to the wall. For this step you will need the assistance of another person who will be holding up the cabinet from one side while you’re installing the other side and screwing it into the wall. You have to be especially careful in this step to make sure to keep the alignment of the top of the medicine cabinet straight and not tilted. This is where your earlier markings will be very helpful. Use that top line you drew on the outline on the wall to guide you on how to align the cabinet to it to install it straight

Your cabinet is ready and installed.

Helpful Tip

While installing a medicine cabinet, be sure to have your safety goggles on during the drilling session as the saw dust can be hazardous for eyes.

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