How to Build an Outdoor Grill

Tools Materials
  • Cement
  • Mortar
  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Bluestone
  • Measuring tape
  • Stone inlays

Build Outdoor Grill with These Easy Steps

Mark the foot area and drill into the ground

Step 1 When you’re looking for how to build an outdoor grill, the very first step you need to begin with is to mark out the area that will make up the footing on the grill outside in your yard on the stone or brick pavement. Use a measuring tape to make a template of the area of the footing by marking it out on the ground and demarking it with chalk. Once you’ve marked out the area you need to start preparing to drill into the ground with your drill because you need to remove the pavement stones to make room for digging into the ground for the foundation of the outdoor grill.

To cut into the stone pavement use a diamond blade grinder for making precision cuts and neat outlines into the pavement. Once you’ve cut and removed all the pavement stones it’s time to start digging out the ground beneath it. You have to dig the ground 6 inches in depth, but also have to be very careful when digging to make sure you do not accidentally dig into and rupture any utility wires or lines that laid out beneath the ground. Always make sure before starting the digging.

Prepare and lay in the cement

Step 2 Now that you’ve finished digging out the hole, the second step in learning how to build outdoor grill is to prepare a mixture or concrete or cement by taking it and mixing it thoroughly with some sand, lime, and mortar to create a nice and strong reinforcing mixture. Once you’re done mixing the cement, you’re ready to pour it into the freshly dug hole. But before doing so, it is best to cover up any visible utility lines or wires with some plastic wrap or a silicone sheet to protect it from cement damage and keep it safely away from the layer of cement once poured in.

Start pouring in the cement very evenly and very carefully so that no unwanted bubbles form and the foundation dries out to become very strong and uniform. Give this cement mixture footing a night to completely dry out before continuing to the next step.

Setting the stones for building a outdoor grill

Step 3 Now that you have prepared the footing area of your outdoor grill, here comes the next, very exciting, step in learning how to build an outdoor grill, which is setting the stones that will make up the majority of the body of your grill. Before laying the stones down, make a plan of how many stones you want and what kind of arrangement do you want them in on a chart.

Number the stones on the chart to help you remember the arrangement and then go out and number the actual stones you have with a marker too so you can systematically install the stones as per your plan. Before setting the stones down though, make sure that the footing that you left to set overnight is leveled. If not, use a sander to level it before laying down the stones. Give each layer of stones some time to dry before adding another new layer of stones on top of it for proper reinforcement.

Laying on the countertop

Step 4 As far as the body of the grill is concerned, this is the last step for building an outdoor grill. You can use large bluestone panels to use as a countertop stone surface because they are very sturdy and also heat resistant for all your grilling needs. Use a silicone adhesive glue to glue on the countertop stones in place and keep them from moving.

Installing the grill

Step 5 The final step in learning how to build an outdoor barbeque grill is to finish up your structure by installing your grill and fridge into it and you’re good to go!

Helpful Tip

Make sure to check in with your town hall to find out any regulations for building outdoor grills.

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