How to Build a Storage Cart for Yard Tools?

Are you wondering how to build tool storage? Is that you are wondering, how to build a garden cart? If so, you will definitely feel delighted to know that if you are having the necessary resources and tools and you are willing to invest a fair extent of time and effort, you can opt for the DIY outdoor tool storage that will enable you to get a customized storage for yard tools that will not only serve the purpose, but, will serve as effective decorating item as well. Here is your guide that will enable you to execute the process, without having to face any troubles and hassles.

Getting ready – the tools and materials that you will need

You will require having the following tools and materials for executing the process:

Tools and Materials
  • Circular or Table Saw
  • Drill Press and/or Drill
  • Hole-saw bit
  • Nail Gun
  • Sander
  • Jigsaw
  • Routers coming with rounded-over bit
  • Plywood (thickness 3 to 4 inches)
  • Small Caster (medium duty)
  • Wood Glue and Hooks
  • Screws and nails

Once you have gathered all the tools and materials stated above, you can start the process and it will take the minimum time to complete the process.

Your guide for constructing the DIY outdoor tool storage

  • Start by cutting the 3 pieces of the platform in the dimensions of 18 x 24 inches.
  • Using the straight edge and Square for marking the centerline, you will have to lay out the holes and you should mark spacing of 4 inches on one of the platforms.
  • You will have to stack 2 pieces of the plywood platforms on each other, and the piece with marked centerline should come to the top. It will be wise to insert a piece so scrap under these panels during the drilling to avoid the chances for blowouts.
  • For accommodating tools like the post-hole digger, you should ideally connect the holes for creating the slots. Afterward, a reference line should be marked from the edges of any of the holes and cut it out, using the jigsaw.
  • Once done, separate the platforms and using a router you need to smooth the sharp hole and slot edges.
  • Complete the cutting works of the plywoods as necessary.
  • You will have to assemble the legs, using the wood glue, ensuring that the corner legs feature side dimensions of 4 inches.
  • Now it is the time to build the Bottom frame and you need to assemble the frame and nail the pieces, ensuring that the right pieces are nailed at the right slot.
  • Once done, you will have to fasten the legs to the bottom of the frame and it requires you gluing the corner legs to assemble it to the bottom base. To complete the alignment in the perfect symmetrical manner, you need to ensure the consistency of the butt joints.
  • At this step, you will have to glue and subsequently nail the last plywood piece on the top of the base frame, inside its legs.
  • To ensure that the entire structure gets the adequate strength, you need to add support for the frame in the middle.
  • Once done, you will have to install the center platform and this requires you gluing and nailing one of the pieces of the plywood on the structure, supporting the center platform.
  • Just as you have added the support to the center platform, follow the same steps for installing the remaining support framework.
  • At this step, you will have to install the topmost platform and subsequently, smooth the sharp edges.

You can add wheels to the structure that will make it easier to drag the piece from one place to another. Likewise, you may also opt for installing the hooks.

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